collection management system​ MUSEION is available in two basic versions – MUSEION and MUSEION CATALOGUE. All museums and galleries have the same configuration and options, irrespective of their size or number of users. The only price criterion is the number of registered collection items.



is a comprehensive information system for recording collections, their management, manipulation and for multimedia management.

MUSEION can be operated on both, servers within memory institutions or online on the guaranteed CLOUD system of MUSOFT.CZ - website.



Is a special version of MUSEION, offering a professional and guaranteed online collection recording for a revolutionary price exclusively in a hosted environment, comparable with a payment for the energy consumed by a small server.

If you are looking for a quality registration and want to work in a modern and safe environment but you do not have the opportunity to invest in the full version of MUSEION, MUSEION CATALOGUE is an ideal solution for you.



MUSEION CATALOGUE does not include:

  • chronological records

  • multimedia bulk loading

  • a conservation and restoration module

  • a photographic documentation module

  • a multiple change module

  • workflow

  • online publication (harvesting, data provider)

  • contextual documents, URL links, video, audio/font>


  • multimedia – 1x image – max 1MB - max 1MB

  • max 2x document

  • only two levels of authorization user+administrator





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