Is there something special for restorers in MUSEION?

System MUSEION contains special module conservation and restoration register, which helps  you among others with register of conservation and restoration interventions, connecting documentation and administration of images of intervention. This module is included in full version MUSEION.


Is it possible to migrate data form another system in to MUSEION?

Users of existing registration programmes are guaranteed a safe and lossless data transfer to the MUSEION. The work they have done in the older system will be fully preserved and the new system will enable its further development and streamlining.


Which format and size of documents and multimedia MUSEION support?

MUSEION support following formats:
Image: "jpg", "jpeg", "jpe", "png", "bmp", "dib", "gif", "tif", "tiff", "obj"*
Video: "flv" 
Audio: "mp3"
Documents: "doc", "docx", "xls", "xlsx", "ppt", "pptx", "odt", "ods", "odp", "xml", "htm", "txt", "pdf" 

These types of format are able to be connected in MUSEION system. System MUSEION safely save them, process them and easily show them online. You can attach image which are any sizes and any names, because system automatically generates preview and miniatures for comfortable normal work. If you need watermark on the image, MUSEION will implement it also automatically. Any activities are fully automated without manual intervention.

* .obj is a format which is used for 3D digitalisation of objects (3D digitalisation is supported by web site based on MUSIEON)


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