05. 09. 2016

Interesting article about logistics and management of the museum collection during moving of depositories Museum of Decorative Arts in Prague can be found here. The collection management system MUSEION was used for  organisation and management of collection.

23. 03. 2016

On April 13th paper entitled Museion - a comprehensive solution for the collection management will be performed by Mgr. Pavel Mlčoch at conference Fenomén kultúrneho dedičstva v spoločnosti III.. in Bratislava .

29. 02. 2016

29.2.2016 was launched new version MUSEION 2.0. With new version there are new evidence record cards (militaria and numismatics).

20. 11. 2015

Project Dotkni se 20. století!, developed by MUSOFT.CZ, was awarded by international prize Comenius EduMedia Siegel and Erasmus EuroMedia Award.

24. 09. 2015

23.9.2015 new version MUSEION 1.8 was launched. All about news in MUSEION, as new types of evidence card,  you will learnd on a webinar 30.9.2015 at 15:00.

27. 08. 2015
Ministry of Culture Czech Republic envisages with development of the web portal in its document "Museums Strategy" that was approved by Czech Goverment. portal will be envolved as a national web portal mediating digitized Czech cultural heritage.
10. 07. 2015

MUSOFT.CZ invites you to seminar Seminar National agregator in eCulture world that takes place in The Czech Academy of Sciences in Prague on 14th July.

08. 07. 2015

In Museion version 1.7 it was added feature displaying of collection items on maps. If there are objects in the Museion with coordinates in the format WGS-84, the system automatically displays the map with selected objects. This feature is based on the maps OpenStreet Map.

02. 04. 2015

Directive 2012/28/EU of the European Parliament and of the Council of 25 October 2012 on certain permitted uses of orphan works sets out common rules to make digitisation and online display of orphan works legally possible. Under Article 3(6) of the Directive 2012/28/EU, OHIM is responsible for the establishment and management of a single publicly accessible online database on orphan works.

The Orphan Works Database provides information related to orphan works contained in the collections of publicly accessible libraries, educational establishments and museums, as well as archives, film or audio heritage institutions and public-service broadcasting organisations established in the Member States.

Collection management system Museion is able to communicate and provide the data to this database. For more information please contact us on

12. 03. 2015

Experts and a great number of people  have exploited released online database Královské dílo since the beginning of this year, created by MUSOFT.CZ and Catholic Theological Faculty of Charles University (ÚDKU). It is possible to find art works of the Middle Ages in the database, which is linked to its origin Czech kings. More information here.

04. 03. 2015

Czech online journal Parlamentní listy comments on the new redesign of the Czech portal presenting national heritage eSbí Find the article here.

24. 02. 2015

Since 25.2.2015, the  online webinars are taking place on Wednesdays from 3pm.

20. 02. 2015

Currently, it is possible find webinars on in thematic files.

12. 02. 2015

Due to the connection between MUSEION database and Jan Kaplický's web page the admirers of famous architect  can review his whole work online. More about the plans of The Kaplicky Centre Foundation here.

02. 02. 2015

In January 2015, the complete redesign of the eSbí portal was produced. has been representing the Czech Cultural heritage for four years and nowadays more than 50 000 collection items from 50 museums, galleries and other institutions can be filtered based on the geographic location, material, dating or type of collection. Along with a new design, new features have also been added. For example, it is possible to associate  the collection with different objects in the virtual exhibition. Any multimedia, whether they are images, sound recordings or film footage, are newly equipped with the Creative Commons license.

30. 01. 2015

Collection in the publication in MUSEION system represents a smart tool that enables users to bring together and then jointly publish collections of items that are connected by a particular topic. Within the website you can present virtual exhibitions or tours.

15. 01. 2015
Along with version 1.6.2 MUSEION were listed as new QR codes, which can be used in the agenda of systematic evidence for labeling items and their subsequent search. In the readeble part of QR code can be encoded  eg. name of the item, catalogue number, but also a description of the object or specimen. Graphic form adapts to the specific requirements of the user.
After loading the QR code placed on collection item, the corresponding device (smartphones, tablet or QR code reader connected to a PC), we can trace the object in MUSEION and effectively carried out, for example, inventory.

28. 11. 2014

The company MUSOFT.CZ attended the 15th Conference Archives, Libraries and Museums in the Digital World 2014 26 and 27 November 2014 which held at the conference hall of the National Archives in Prague. In his paper presented a new module Depositary in system MUSEION and prospects for the future, for example in the form of active RFID tags and their use in memory and cultural institutions.

07. 11. 2014

Presentation module Depositary is on

12. 09. 2014

New version of system MUSEION is able to automatically create QR codes and bar codes and after that print them on special thermal transfer or thermal printers.

04. 09. 2014
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28. 08. 2014

 Get the records of webinars on

06. 06. 2014

Today June 6th 2014 it is held an annual seminar of educational project "Dotkni se 20. století" in National Museum.

Commonly with technical providing of educational web sites and virtual exposition MUSOFT.CZ team has designed also creative characters of teachers who perform through whole web sites!


25. 03. 2014

Each MUSEION user can now set and save your own list profile. MUSEION allows you to save multiple profiles for a single user, ensuring optimal working environment for each particular task.

10. 03. 2014

MUSOFT.CZ do an online training (webinar) of collection management system MUSEION regularly in Czech. If you want webinar in English, let us know  on email and we prepare special webinar for you.

14. 02. 2014

MUSOFT.CZ in cooperation with the Catholic Theological Faculty of Charles University started preparing interactive online encyclopedia for high school and undergraduate students with theme of a princes‘ and kings’ journeys between 872-1526.

11. 02. 2014

Users of MUSEION can adapt their list tool according to their needs. These adaptations are able to be saved and choose them by current activities.

04. 02. 2014

MUSEION allows an editing a user's permission except the data reading permission (READ) and data editing  permission (WRITE) and now you can choose conditional permission that allow user to  rewrite an item of material, person or date only in case that the item has not been used to describe a collection item.

31. 01. 2014

Now MUSEION allows to manage directories of materials, techniques and date for each sub-collection.

22. 01. 2014

Registration system MUSEION is not used only by muzeums and galleries. The example is  Higher Vocational School and Secondary Art School of Textile crafts in Prague which manages its textile collection in system MUSEION.

10. 01. 2014

Read an article at blog MUSEION about interactive virtual reality.

09. 01. 2014

Follow up news and articles relating to registration system MUSEION.


27. 12. 2013 and Charles University in Prague started cooperating on the development of Fotobanka where the Saint Vitus Cathedral  will be presented.

19. 12. 2013 team wishes you a merry Christmas and happy New Year 2014.

28. 11. 2013

In November 2013 MUSEION team started converting digitazed museum collections of the Museum of Central Otava region Strakonice.

24. 11. 2013

TOP NEWS - December 5, 2013 (10:00 AM - 4:00 PM) MUSOFT.CZ organizes in collaboration with IBM company seminar "Integrated memory institutions" at the National Library, Klementinum 190, 110 00 Praha 1. You are cordially invited. Please confirm your registration here. Your MUSOFT.CZ

21. 11. 2013

Museion is presented at the international conference in Canada - 41st Annual Museum Computer Network Conference, Montreal, Canada.

12. 03. 2013

Since version MUSEION 1.0 we offer full-value fulltext search for the whole MUSEION, obviously with the option of automatic pre-filtration of results and clicks on individual cards/agendas. You can use fulltext in complete agenda, through the first and second levels of evidence, including side tables, dictionaries and all agendas. See here, how fulltext search works.

01. 03. 2013

Today we have released an extension of MUSEION collection registration system – Workflow. MUSEION Workflow, or “Process Control” enables management and adherance to the precise methodology and authorization of processes within memory institutions, between them and between memory institutions and their founders.

Examples of such processes are a loan of a collection item for research purposes within a memory institution or a loan by another memory institution for an exhibition or export of a collection item abroad.

Institutions that have MUSEION, obtain MUSEION WORKFLOW automatically free.

16. 01. 2013

The new version MUSEION 1.05 brings a number of system improvements and enhancements. Among other things you can enjoy a fulltext through complete records, user definition of listing columns, reprocessing incremental book functionalities, error correction in advanced search, optimizing card design and performance.

11. 01. 2013

We have won a tender announced by the National Museum to create Learning interactive space within the eSbí publishing platform.

Soon, Mr. eTeacher will teach and accompany us through history.
10. 01. 2013

The interest of (not only Czech) memory institutions in MUSEION registration system is still increasing, all places in the development team have already been occupied by big museums.

In only the first week of 2013, three big museums from Bohemia and Moravia decided for MUSEION. They converted from registration systems Demus 99, DEMUS 10 (currently being developed) and their own database system.

After concluding relevant contracts, we will release more details in a press release.


15. 06. 2015
MUSOFT.CZ together with the National Museum invites you to a seminar National eCulture aggregator in the world, which will be held on Tuesday (July 14, 2015 at 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.) at the Academy of Sciences in Prague. Program workshop performances National aggregator concept and explain its role in Czech and European context.
More information and registration here:
25. 09. 2014

V následující verzi Museion lokalizaci archeologického objevu budou zpřesněny o možnost zapsat souřadnice v systému WGS-84 (Světového geodetického systému 1984) ve formátu PŘIDAT ° MM'SS.ssssssssssss ''.

10. 01. 2014

We prepare complex registration, presentation and virtual tour of realized works of world-renowned architect. More information coming soon.

02. 05. 2013

On June 13, 2013, MUSOFT.CZ organizes a seminary MUSEUM IN 2030 in the Pardubice museum. You can enjoy a full demonstration of professional records in future technologies – a collection item digitalization, automated photo processing – watermarks, thumbnails..., technical description, approval and publication (all within 10 minutes). You will also hear experience of several museum managements with the transition from DEMUS to MUSEION registration system, introduction of eSbí portal and its learning upgrades by the director of the History Museum of the National Museum, you can attend a photography exhibition opening... Please confirm your attendance by e-mail at adress

Program and the invitation to the seminary can be found here.

We look forward to seeing you


05. 03. 2013

We have completed the analysis of the second development stage of MUSEION and started programming. Version MUSEION 2.0 will comprise new agendas:

  • Depository
  • Archeological research
  • Register of expert reports
  • Loans
  • Collection inventory
  • Presentations and exhibitions preparation
  • Acquisitions
  • Applications
  • Publications
  • Harvesting BioCASE
  • Online export for CES

but also system enhancements, such as:

  • Support for user exports from the system
  • Comprehensive templates – system, group and user ones
  • User-friendly overview of cards (definable visibility of individual columns)
  • User-friendly appearance of card
04. 03. 2013

An accounting record of a collection item should not only comprise a technical description, but also records about technical history of parameters from the place of its storage. Currently we analyze and program corresponding connectors, test thermometers and hygrometers. Together with a calculation of dew point, parameter history records will be a permanent part of individual collection objects registration records.

21. 02. 2013

There is a special version designed for founders and management of major memory institutions with more museums and locations. The purpose of the application is to provide reports on the state of collections, their registration, and activities of individual departments and employees. Managerial reports are a useful tool in asset and insurance tracking, job evaluation, digital collection management and solving crisis situations.

Founders who own a licence for at least three memory institutions have MUSEION CENTRAL free.

11. 01. 2013

We have started to programm an amplifying eSbírky version – a learning portal Not only students can learn about collections of the twentieth century in a fun and playful way, test their knowledge in the estimation of dating by placing it in the timeline and establish their own virtual museum.


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