Collection management system​ MUSEION is a product of modern technologies and advances the concept of collection registration system. It provides users with all they need in their daily professional work and facilitates a number of their activities. MUSEION’s credo is: „What can be done by a computer is not done by a museum worker“.
We guarantee to all users who use existing registration programmes a safe and lossless transfer of all data to MUSEION. The work you have done in the older system will be fully preserved and the new system will allow to develop it further. We have already done tens of specialized data migrations with one hundred procent result.
  • is based on European registration standards
  • is fully compatible with other registration systems (CES, ISO, Europeana, eSbirky)
  • provides extensive search options – including fulltext, filtering and classification
  • has a user-friendly control through standard Web browsers
  • fully supports multimedia, including numerous automated processes – photographs, video, audio
  • allows easy export of data
  • offers a large number of individual settings including automated alerts
  • enables outputs in standard formats
  • supports GIS (geographic information systems)
  • allows automated and secure publication of collections and technical articles
  • supports virtualization of exposition routes and electronic (audio and video) guides
  • allows evaluating visitors movement around exhibition areas and thereby report in detail on success of individual exhibits and entire exhibitions
  • offers foreign language versions (English, SK, DE...)



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