MUSOFT.CZ, s.r.o.



is a Czech company specializing in analyses, methodology and programming of large database systems for memory institutions. When developing we use the latest database and Web technologies that provide our customers with high utility value, stability and security.
We have a strong 25-member team of experts from areas of systems, programming, analysis, user support and workflow. Our main product is a Collection Management System MUSEION – an information system for recording, management, documentation and publishing collections, recording expert and restoration reports, it is a depository – location, acquisition, loans and approval...


MUSEION also provides extensions such as sophisticated workflow or the central module for founders.

MUSEION is suitable and available for museums and galleries of all sizes and types.



  • MUSOFT.CZ does not develop a variety of systems for various purposes for various companies and institutions We specialize in what we understand - in museums, galleries and archives.
  • MUSEION is not developed only for one memory institution, it is completely universal. We have discussed its technical development and functionality with a number of experts from prominent Czech museums and galleries (MMP, NM, NG, NpM, VCM, ZCM...). MUSEION is a system prepared for experts by experts.
  • We use the best technology, including the possibility of entirely open source solutions..
  • We do not create a closed system, but most compatible solutions usable within the whole culture. MUSEION is based on European standards and combines within itself a large number of smart solutions.
  • We have invested a considerable capital, great effort and several years of life in the MUSEION project. We enjoy it. The Czech Republic knows examples when a registration system for tens of millions Czech crowns had been developed with zero result. We ourselves have paid for the development of MUSEION. If you like it, contact us. We look forward to serving you.

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